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Chef Specials

Catfish Pepper Soup $16.99
Price subject to change
Nkwobi $19.99
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Main Courses

Achu And Yellow Soup
Served With Your Choice Of Mushrooms, Garden Eggs, Assorted Meat, Cow Skin, Stripes Or Dry Meat
Asaro/Yam Porridge $15.99
Banku And Chicken Stew $16.99
Boiled/Fried Yam And Chicken Stew
Served With Vegetables
Cassava Leaf
Served with Beef Or Chicken And Your Choice Of White Rice, Banku, Garri, Boiled Plantains/ Yam Or Pounded Yam
Red oil – Coco yams(“macabo”) – Coco yam leaves – Crayfish – Maggi and Salt – Ginger,White pepper and Garl… Read More..
Fried Beans
Served With Your Choice Of Fried Or Boiled Plantain Or White Rice
Jollof Rice/Fried Rice
Served With Your Choice Of Tomato Stew, Fried Quarter Tilapia Fish, Spicy Goat Meat
Kenkey And Fish
Served With Pepper Sauce And Fried Fish Or Soup, Stew
Mbogo Chobi And Catfish
Served With A Choice Of White, Fried/Boiled Plantain, Boiled Cassava Or Yam
– Served With Your Choice Of Fried/Boiled Plantains, Pounded Yam, White Rice, Garri (Cassava Meal)
Njama Njama
Served With Corn Fufu- ( Combination Of Stewed Huckleberry Vegetable In Tomato Base, Roasted Chicken Marinated In Palm O… Read More..
Potato Leaf
Served With White Rice
Seafood Rice
Jollof Rice/Fried Rice Cooked And Spiced Hot With Shrimp And Mixed Veggies
White Rice
Served With Your Choice Of Goat Meat Stew, Beef Stew, Or Oxtail

Off The Grill

Beef Suya $15.99
Cow Ribs $16.99
Half Chicken $14.99
Pork Ribs $16.99
Salmon Fish $24.99
Whole Tilapia $25.00


Achu $19.99
Afang $15.99
Egusi $17.99
Eru/Ukazi $17.99
Groundnut Soup $15.99
White Soup
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Okro $15.99
Bitter Leaf